Zero Harm

We are committed to achieve Zero Harm across our activities.

For us, Zero Harm means:

  • Zero fatalities
  • Zero permanently disabling injuries
  • Each business unit aims zero accidents and injuries.

Only by setting the highest standards for ourselves will we be able to retain the trust of our customers.

Zero Harm means delivering of the following commitments:

  • Eliminating fatal risks: All our enterprises shall identify fatal risks and establish behavioral protocols to eliminate them.
  • Eliminating hazards: All our enterprises will identify and plan hazards in all activities they undertake.
  • Maintaining Zero Harm day to day: All our enterprises will establish and maintain management, monitoring, review, audit and assurance systems under Zero Harm.
  • Keeping the public safe from harm: All our enterprises will maintain Zero Harm concept to safe members of the public from harm of our activity.
  • Keeping all our people healthy: All our enterprises will conduct health check-ups and health risk assessments to ensure there is no any long-term harm to their health as a result of working in our business.
  • Working with our customers: All our activities based on Zero Harm principles.
  • Making personal safety: An employee of Akkord takes safety issue as a commitment and follows all the rules.

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