Starting to reconstruct in Kazakhstan since the end of 2013, Akkord Industry Construction Investment Cooperation OJSC has completed and put operation the Shymkent-Tashkent road (km704 –742 of Almatı-Korday-Blagoveshchenka-Merke-Tashkent-Termez road) in one direction ahead of schedule.

In spite of unfavorable climate and difficult terrain conditions of the mountain pass Kazygurt on the road, the Corporation has successfully completed the task set by the local government to reconstruct the strategically important road of the country until January 2016. However, the depth of the excavation was increased from 6 meters up to 12 meters and the designed asphalt concrete pavement of the site replaced by cement concrete pavement to provide comfortable and safe movement of heavy traffic. Three concrete plants with the capacity of 600 tonnes/hour were mobilized for execution of the project.

Note that Akkord-Todini-Impregilo, Azerbaijan-Italy Joint Venture won a tender announced in the framework of CAREC Corridor III Rehabilitation Project of Shymkent-Tashkent road in Kazakhstan by the end of 2013. Akkord Corporation, the main participant of the Joint Venture, has 50% share in charter capital. The Asian Development Bank funds the project.

The relevant contract on “Rehabilitation of km 704-742 of Almatı-Korday-Blagoveshchenka-Merke-Tashkent-Termez Road (totally 37.5 km)” was signed between Joint Venture and Transport Control Committee, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Kazakhstan. The initial Contract Price was 68 million USD (12,587,685,909.54 KZT) and during the course of the contract it is intended to increase. The contract was then amended in regard to extra works.

The total width of 4 lane road is 27,5 m, and 11 m on two lanes. The road is designed for 150 km/hour traffic speed.

The thickness of the concrete pavement is 27 cm. The project includes construction of a crossroad, 3 animal crossings, 37 units of 1.5 m diameter and 0.5 m diameter culverts, 6 bus stops, 4 roadside parking and replacing of electrical lines at 9 points. Now, along with road construction, the dismantling activities and reconstruction works at 6 crossing points of the road with 440-meter culvert, 7700-meter optic-fiber communication and the high-power lines were carried out as well as the construction of a crossroad and 4 bridges for agricultural machinery, and the culverts and animal crossings have been fully completed. 3

The works under the contract are expected to be completed within 2.5 years.