On March 15, Azerbaijan University Architecture and Construction hosted an event dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the University. The event organized by the University Administration convened representatives from government organizations, various companies as well as higher education institutions. The General Manager of “Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation” OJSC also took a part at the event. The event held at the conference hall of the University started with the opening speech made by Gulchohra Mamadova, the Rector of the University. She spoke about the University’s history, achievements and plans. After the opening speech, the floor was given to the guests. Addressing the event, Goksel Aybek congratulated the staff of the University on the occasion of the anniversary and gave a present on behalf of the Corporation. The General Manager made a short presentation of the Corporation and expressed readiness in terms of conditions to accept the students of the University for the Internship. This proposal of the Corporation’s Manager was pleased to accept.