On January 27, the conference hall of “Europe Hotel” hosted the first business forum of the regional organization of Caspian European Club for 2016. As announced earlier, the forum was dedicated to the meeting of Goksel Aybek, the General Manager of Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC with the President of Caspian European Construction Club, the presentation of new projects and perspectives of the Corporation as well as the promotion of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry and cooperation issues.

Akkord Corporation was represented at the forum by Goksel Aybek as well as by Deputy General Managers Vugar Suleymanov, Javid Aghayev, Samir Gasimov and International Projects Group Director Levent Morova. The forum convened the member companies as well as ambassadors and embassy staff of Latvia, Croatia, Spain, Kirghizstan, Austria and representatives of business organizations and associations, including the media. The First Deputy Chairman of the Caspian European Club (Caspian Business Club), the General Executive Telman Aliyev opened the business forum with a welcome speech. He noted that this prestigious organization, chaired by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, is an important platform for cooperation of local and foreign companies and stressed the scope of the actions taken in this direction over the years. T.Aliyev expressed the importance of the meeting with the management of Akkord Corporation, one of the leaders of our country, in terms of expanding cooperation opportunities and analyzing the new prospects.

After that, Goksel Aybek, the General Manager of Akkord Corporation, made an extensive presentation. G.Aybek separated the development history of the Corporation over structural changes, management reforms and current conglomerating stages since 2005, the establishment year. He also stressed: “ Akkord is constantly on rising. Operating in Azerbaijan as well as in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany it has entered to 2016 as a transnational Corporation aiming at new projects in Moldova, Russia, Italy, Spain, China, Iran, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Doing business in 44 different countries around the world, the Corporation has attained prominent achievements in project management and transport services together with infrastructural construction, real estate, and manufacturing areas”. The General Manager spoke about the future projects and the significance of industrial production in Corporation’s business activity with 3.5 billion turnover to date and stressed that the main priority is given to subsidiaries dealing with the production of construction materials with few exceptions.  He stated that the company is planning serious actions in new production areas of fiber-concrete, facade cladding, plastic doors, and windows along with traditional products -cement, concrete, asphalt, marble and granite, prefabricated products, bricks, steel structures.

“The Corporation has included a new direction to its standard business portfolio by joining TANAP energy project of international importance and targeted to expand its activity in this direction”, Goksel Aybek added.

The General Manager pointed out the capacity building and technical opportunities of the Corporation and noted that great innovations, especially, in the field of civil construction are expected in 2016. According to him, the projects to be constructed in Mardakan, Bilajari, Khojahasan, Novkhani and Badamdar will give a new breath to previous activities of Akkord in civil construction.

“In addition, Akkord Corporation has a precision approach to the economic policy pursued by the head of the country and supports this strategy with all its activities. We intend to continue this activity in the future and endeavor to implement the goals set by the President for increasing an export level of the local products and eliminating the dependence on imports at the highest level”, emphasized the General Manager.

The participants applauded the speech of the Corporation’s General Manager.
Then, The First Deputy Chairman of the CEC thanked G. Aybek for conducted high-level presentation and presented a platinum membership certificate of the Caspian European Club.

The rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry Mustafa Babanli also addressed at the event. He spoke about the history and status as well as the new education strategy of the University. The speaker noted the importance of the practical training of students at higher education institutions and that they hope to mutually beneficial cooperation with the companies of the country operating in the relevant field including Akkord Corporation. The management of Akkord Corporation had a precious approach to Mr. Babanli’s request for providing a support in mastering practical skills of young cadres at different institutions of the Corporation.

Then the forum continued with the questions addressed to the management of the Corporation and the University.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Caspian European Club and the University in the framework of the business forum. Telman Aliyev expressed his gratitude for the fruitful cooperation. The forum continued with the conversations and negotiations in an informal atmosphere.