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Human Resources
«AKKORD» is a large family consisting of professionals. Joint activity of management bodies, engineer staff and all hands is the main factor of the Group’s achievement. Every person who has chosen the way to work for «AKKORD» coordinates his/her life style with the pulse of  «AKKORD» . Because, the work in “Akkord” is continuously going on. The person who wants to make his/her career in “Akkord” OJSC should be aware of following rapid and quality principles of the Company. The work in «AKKORD» is going in such manner that all managers have stable connection with construction and production facilities of the «AKKORD». Thereby, people who manage the work of the Group are closely acquainted with each other, and provide assistance to each-other not only in favor of the Group’s interests, but also in personal life. Intercompanies relations in «AKKORD» rely on professionalism and friendship criteria. The secret of perfect management is precisely that.
In the case of necessity of management bodies of the Group can assess the situation and adopt rapid decision as well. Everybody understand that  «AKKORD» is an earning place for more than 7 thousand people and adopted decisions and their results should link the people with «AKKORD» not only as workplace, but also the place where their personal and family interests are protected. We grant to our employees performance fee, and are interested in their problems. We organize different events which encourage their activities in «AKKORD». We understand that employees are one of our most valuable properties.
Work in «AKKORD» is our life style. Because, we are sure that the work carried out by us will be the most worthy achievement left after us.
There are some privileges to work as an engineer. First, you feel yourself as a part of large construction company of the country - «AKKORD» is work place with guarantee, and company where interesting people gather. For a modern engineer the significant feature differing «AKKORD» from other companies is carrying out construction process with the latest technologies and special programs. All rules followed by modern construction companies of the world can be observed in construction sites of  «AKKORD» I am proud that international standards are followed in local construction company with such accuracy. «AKKORD» offers to its engineer more profitable financial conditions and finally, «AKKORD» teaches its employee constantly and directs him/her to take the pulse of upgrading world. «AKKORD» is considered as the most exemplary workplace in the construction sector.
Work life in «AKKORD» is lasting incessantly as in other construction companies, but it is free of conflict. Time is spent efficiently from standpoint of work and life – you can earn money for your family, study the latest construction technology and find friends as well. I consider it an honor to work for a company which is the single construction operator of the country operating according to the latest standards.
One day in «AKKORD» is not a figure included to wages table; you are sure that you will transfer your shift and return to your family without any damage and injury. Though, safety of the workers in other construction companies is a problem number one, our workers acting at our construction sites are used to work in safety routine, whether the work is carried out in multi-storey buildings, or in road, tunnel or plant construction. The workers of  «AKKORD» are trained at workplaces for being released from damages and injure, and equipped with personal protection equipment as well.
The activities of the workers at the construction sites of  «AKKORD» are managed strictly; everything has its time here. Work and break hours are followed exactly. Relations between the workers and engineers, management rely on human relations.
We reap the fruit of  «AKKORD» labor, earn money for our family and are proud of taking part in construction of safety buildings.