Career development

We need professional staff for the execution of large-scale projects of different types.

The scale and international reach of our activities is a main indicator of career opportunities provided for our staff.

It is our core commitment to establish team of professionals.

Our business strategy helps our employees to obtain faster results in different areas.

Career development in practice:

  • The scale and range of our business provide our employees to develop across different areas.
  • The Corporation ensure that everyone has regular and ongoing feedback and discussions with leaders about their performance, development and future career. Therefore, we are creating motivated environment for our employees.
  • A wealth of formal and informal learning opportunities (including ‘on the job’ learning, professional and technical qualifications and management training) and a wide range of developmental experiences ‘on the job’, mean there are chances for everyone to fulfil their potential.

We canvass feedback from our people on these opportunities on an ongoing basis and monitor how effectively we are promoting career progression in the business.