Social Responsibility

We are working closely with the local community in Azerbaijan. To ensure a high quality of life is one of the main priorities of the Corporation.

Akkord is one of the leading and exemplary companies implementing Corporate Social Responsibility policy which aims benefiting the country it belongs to, people it employs and society it operates in. The Corporation keeps working hard in order to improve working and living conditions of its personnel, lending different types of aid to helpless people as well as promote such spheres as science, education, culture, media and sports that ensure the common development of the society.

Global Safety Principles

We have set out global safety principles. These were developed as a result of a review of the findings from investigations of fatal accidents, major injuries and potential incidents across our business.

These Global Safety Principles apply to:

  • All employees
  • Employees of affiliated joint venture companies where Akkord has a part
  • Subcontractor personnel working on locations controlled by the Corporation and to visitors to locations controlled by the Corporation.