Advantages of being a member of Akkord family

  • You can see our values through our daily activity

We always stand by our employees. We are always proud of our traditions and values that are considered a symbol of success and definition criteria of the Corporation’s performance.

  • Widen your horizons

Akkord Corporation is a continuously developing and diversified company. AKKORD is carrying out dynamic and innovative activities in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries. Our construction, design, project management, production, transportation, sales and other activities will interest you and you will find yourself. We offer great opportunities in which you can employ and fully develop your abilities as well as get valuable experience.

  • Existing opportunities will help to reveal your potentials

We believe that by straight balancing dynamics of a company’s growth with the upgrade of our employees, made up our team of talented people, supporting the development of employees’ knowledge and skills we can provide further growth of our Corporation. We always focus on our employees and help them to widen the framework of their skills.

  • Each employee’s opinion is very valuable for us

We believe that two-way (sending-receiving) communication will be effective for us and want each employee to share ideas and suggestions in a convenient way. Therefore, you get the chance to seek answers for questions on issues of interest at organized briefings. In addition, you can assess performance through inquiries conducted between employees. If you have suggestions that are more efficient it must be appreciated by us.

  • Being a member of our team, you will get the opportunity to establish a safe, responsible and transparent career

We know our work has an impact on people and the environment. Safety, responsibility, and transparency are the backbone of our business and traditions. Organizing our work in an ethical manner and in accordance with the standards of our work is the key to our success, and this allows us to evaluate our goals, to be economically responsible, to create safer working conditions for our employees as well as protect the environment.

  • You will progress with us

We believe in the integrity of opportunities to be provided for the wide career of our employees as well as chances of their rise within the company and to become leaders in their field of activities.  We are working constantly on defining the weaknesses of our employees to develop and enhance their business objectives.