We are providing a support for developing your career through our constant learning opportunities and career management system. We believe in your potential to fulfill your obligations. From the very first day of employment, you are provided with the necessary tools and resources required for a long-term career.

Our main goal is to determine the constant objectives of employees and carry out performance assessment on a regular basis. We know that the most valuable resource of the company is a workforce; therefore, we constantly invest in talent and potential of our people, thus providing a strong platform for the company’s rapid and sustainable development.

The Corporation has developed a Career Management System. According to this system, regular dialogues are made up between workers and experts (executives and managers), and this procedure has a positive impact on believing in and revealing their full potential. At these meetings, employees get detailed information about the Corporation’s overall goals and objectives. Our employees are working together with experts and set targets. The followings are the main criteria for the provision of career development of our employees. For providing career development of our employees, the main factors are:

  1. Planning (goal planning)
  2. Action / Development
  3. Assessment / Review

These interdependent procedures are applicable to all employees, regardless of the stage of their career. We believe that each of us need to learn, therefore we can meet these needs only through the experience gained on job learning and organized training.