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As a result of joint efforts, Akkord Textile LLC and Turkish “DEHA Product Marketing and Export Co., Ltd.” have completed works on installation of a new shirt sewing line for producing shirts in accordance with the European standards at Akkord Textile’s garment factory. Experts from the Turkish company “Astaş” rendered assistance in installation of equipment meeting modern requirements. The launch of the new sewing line will enable the factory to produce monthly up to 15 000 shirts. It should be noted that production targets both the domestic and European markets.

On February 7, 2017, the headquarters of Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC hosted the meeting with participation of representatives of Akkord Textile LLC, DEHA Product Marketing and Export Co., Ltd and Italian “Elle Elle Srl”. During the meeting, participants discussed prospects for further mutually beneficial cooperation among the companies as well as the export of shirts manufactured by Akkord Textile LLC to the European market under the Made in Azerbaijan label. Initially, it was planned to export the first batch of 5000 shirts to Italy.

Shirts produced at Akkord Textile’s factory under the Made in Azerbaijan label will be presented on the domestic and foreign markets together with such brands as Alesandro Gattuso, Coveri, Harrods, Tad Willams, Regard, Tessuti, Elegant, Respect and others.

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